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@AmishPornStar1: It's important to be comfortable in your own skin...

Because, apparently, it's illegal to wear someone else's.

@WilliamAder: Got my flu shot and now everyone in Walgreens knows my safe word.

@ElleOhHell: [Beauty and the Beast, Tinder Edition]
BELLE: *swipes left*


@TheOnion: To see more unmatched reporting, visit

@KyleMcDowell86: [cop knocks on the door of a steamed up car]
[I get out holding a bowl of melted butter & wearing a lobster bib] this better be important

@CulturedRuffian: Thank God all of Texas can un-pucker again while they sleep.

@DaddyJew: Me:I gotta go home. Im bleeding & my computers broken

Boss:looks like u just slammed ur head thru the computer screen

Me:what is this CSI?

@Jake_Vig: "Do as many squats as you feel like, I don't want to get involved."

- impersonal trainer

@ClichedOut: They say someone in the US is bitten by a shark 19 times a year.

Poor guy.

@mattgallo123: Febreeze works just like in the commercials, only instead of being impressed, mom comes home and says "it still smells like pot in here."