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@MelvinofYork: It's bad enough that I have to die someday, having my whole life flash before my eyes first just seems excessive

@kumailn: Pitch: child wishes to become big & does. Gets job at toy company & his youthful perspective doesn't help cuz he's got the brain of a child.

@prufrockluvsong: *shotguns bottle of hot sauce*

*checks mirror*

Is it working yet?

@AimeeHelene1: When I sit down and the toilet seat is warm, I like to imagine someone rubbed a freshly baked loaf of bread on it.

Don't ruin this for me!

@TheBoydP: The only time I get anxiety is when I’m picking up a prescription for my wife and the pharmacists asks me for her birth date.

@ReticentTurnip: GOOGLE USER: What are symptoms of skin cancer
GOOGLE: 20% off best skin cancer now

@Mr_Kapowski: I woke up angry this morning

She doesn’t like when I call her that but I just call it like I see it

@isabelzawtun: Facebook 2007: are you a teenager who wants to find out if your crush is single?

Facebook 2017: are you an aunt who wants revenge