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@SardonicTart: "Why am I so thirsty?"

*Flashback to me eating half a ham*

"Oh, right"

@InternetHippo: It’s the long weekend baby! Time to purchase enough food to allow me to remain indoors for 3 consecutive days

@liv_thatsme: Me: 0.
Grandma (who’s making me sit at the kids table because I “still don’t have a husband“): 1.

@kwirkyKerri: This kid with a whistle is about to become my first robbery victim.

@dmc1138: Not to brag, but a top modeling agency just offered me a job as a "before" model.

@pauleggleston: I had my leg X-rayed today.
The doctor said: 'Your patella measures 2.54cm'.
I said: 'Inch-high knees?'
He said: '您的髌骨是2.54厘米高.'

@xLitaLitax: Losing weight doesn’t seem to be working for me, so just gonna concentrate on getting taller

@Shen_the_Bird: Mom: we looked at tons of baby names-

Shakespeare: What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Mom: we picked Bertha

Shakespere: oh god ew

@TweetPotato314: Trying to get healthier, I took up shadow boxing. I’m getting a lot better at it, but so is he.