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@upsidedowntrash: Friend: Do you know karate?

Me: [wanting to sound cool but not overly cocky] I've heard of him.

@Brainy_Bear: The difference between kids and prison is that in prison they let you read.

@mattgallo123: Whoa whoa whoa, I thought that was OUR thing!

-me to my favorite cashier when she smiles at other customers

@TheCatWhisprer: Forgot to use a coupon my wife gave me so now I have to hide it like it's a dead body.

@catstronomical: I love Harry Porter. All of them. Glasses kid. The ginger one. Smart girl. Dolby. The scene when Dumbledort kills Voldermore. Quizzo matches

@3sunzzz: The most exercise I get is trying to keep my flip flops on while walking.

@shutupmikeginn: Advantage of seeing a goose: you just saw something interesting my friend.

Disadvantage: next goose experience less meaningful

@sbellelauren: i'm awake! please respect my privacy during this very difficult time

@ElleOhHell: I'll bet when Godzilla first came out, God was like "Damn, that name's way cooler."