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@1Bad_Scientist : Draw me like one of your French Fries.

@1Bad_Scientist: The Martian, 2015: Matt Damon tries to prove how Irish he is by growing potatoes on Mars then leaving because he's hungry.

@1Bad_Scientist: *at Thanksgiving dinner*
Me: One of you is eating poison green bean casserole.

Everyone: *gasp*

Me: Just kidding you all are.

@1Bad_Scientist: Her: Why do you have a copy of 50 Shades of Grey in your bathroom? Perv!
Me: Oh. No that's just for when I run out of toilet paper.

@1Bad_Scientist: Here's a list of things I need you to accomplish without any resources to do them with.

@1Bad_Scientist: Boss: I'm sorry but we have to let you go.
Me: Really? That's not what these pics of you and your secretary said. They said I need a raise.

@1Bad_Scientist: Me: how was your date?
Friend: I ruined her panties.
M: Wow that's hot man.
F: No she got food poisoning from my cooking, bro.

@1Bad_Scientist: Neighbor: Help I have a plumbing emergency!
Me: *grabs tools*
Neighbor is naked and wet
Me: um what kind of plumbing are we talking about?

@1Bad_Scientist: I'm at my most British when she says "teabag me" and I drop a sack of Earl Grey in her mouth.