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@Abusitron : ME: I need you to look at my balls, doc *removes pants* DR: Ok what seems to be the problem? ME: *swivels hips sensually* Nuthin

@Abusitron: As the anesthetic knocks you out, your surgeon washes his hands and misses a really easy shot into the garbage with the paper towel.

@Abusitron: I spend 60%of my day worrying that I might have mustard on my face or clothing. The other 40% I am eating mustard.

@Abusitron: Waitress: "Enjoy your meal"
Patron: "you too"

Patron: 'why did I say that?'
Waitress: [being force-fed the 6th plate of food of her shift]

@Abusitron: *runs in out of breath*
Friend: what's going on?
Me: [heavy breathing] bear with me
Friend: Ok *waits*
*bear runs in, also out of breath*

@Abusitron: [coffee shop]
*casually puts arm around wife*
*reaches up to Free Wifi sign with a pen*
*changes last "i" to an "e", draws downward arrow*

@Abusitron: [leaving 5 minute voicemail] ...and you can reach me at [deep breath] *says phone number as fast as possible, slurring the numbers together*

@Abusitron: How many children do I want to have? Kind of a weird question for a first date, but umm I guess enough to finish the temple

@Abusitron: Minister: if anyone objects to this unio-
Me: *raptor call*
Groom: *raptor call*
Guests: *chorus of raptor calls*
*Bride gets devoured*

@Abusitron: Me: why do bad things happen to good people?
God: *reveals image of me jerking off to April from Ninja Turtles*
Me: oh
God: *nods solemnly*