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@AnOrangeSNES : Lady Doritos was my favorite character in Macbeth

@AnOrangeSNES: One day I'm going to cure blindness. You'll see! You'll all see!

@AnOrangeSNES: HER: My daughter is named Nevaeh which is heaven spelled backwards.
ME: *Phone rings* Hold on my son Elohssa is calling

@AnOrangeSNES: [Taken Nemo]

*Clam phone rings*

Marliam Neeson: I have a particular set of gills. I don't know who you are, but I will find Nemo.

@AnOrangeSNES: Things I learned today:

1) Gel is not short for jelly
2) KY isn't an acronym for "Krazy Yummy"
3) I'm not allowed to make my own lunch

@AnOrangeSNES: *An elf cop pulls Frodo riding an ent over*
Elf Cop: Where ya going?
Frodo: To throw a ring into a volcano!
EC: Step out of the treehicle

@AnOrangeSNES: ME: Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bad tweet
NARRATOR: And he was
ME: I see you
NARRATOR: He could see me
ME: Stop
NARRATOR: I did not stop

@AnOrangeSNES: Senior: *Gets diploma* I'm glad all the cliquey high school stuff is behind me
Principal: *Laughs for the rest of the graduation ceremony*

@AnOrangeSNES: *Mom Godzilla calls Godzilla during the morning*
Mom Godzilla: Are you eating your cities? Belfast is the most important meal of the day.

@AnOrangeSNES: CHEMIST: Do you like science jokes? I think they're so
CHEMIST: very funny
HER: Thought you were gonna say sodium funny