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@BCMontgo : [concert venue] Manager: Start the fog machine! Me: *gulps* Fog? *hundreds of frogs start falling on crowd

@BCMontgo: Boss: You're
Me: Doing great?
B: No, I'm letting you
M: Have the corner office?
B: go.
M: Why?
B: Constantly completing my sentences wrong.

@BCMontgo: I was going through a stack of yearbooks yesterday when I saw I was voted "Most Likely to Steal all These Damn Yearbooks".

@BCMontgo: [commercial for pants]

*naked guy attempts to put phone in pocket, falls on floor, cracks screen*

There has to be a better way!

@BCMontgo: What's the issue officer?

Officer: You have no idea why I pulled you over?

I have some ideas, but would like to hear your opinion first.

@BCMontgo: [zombie wedding]

Groom: *lifts veil*
Bride: That was my face.
Groom: *lowers face*

@BCMontgo: Then she had the nerve to tell me I had control issues!

I'll do this part. *takes scalpel from my surgeon*

Surgeon: You should be asleep.

@BCMontgo: Me: With a name like that, your parents must hate you.

Myparentsdislikeme: Hate is a strong word.

@BCMontgo: Me: I'll definitely do it tomorrow.

Morgan Freeman: He wouldn't.

Me: *chasing Morgan out of my house with broom* Why are you here again?

@BCMontgo: Sir, you can't walk up to the drive through window.

[45 minutes later]

*gallops up to window on stick horse*