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@Bagyants : If you love something, let it go. From the creators of "If you're tired, go for a run," and "If you're on fire, eat bees"

@Bagyants: All police should quit, just to teach us a lesson. We'll beg them to beat and gas us, but they'll be like nope, you didn't appreciate it

@Bagyants: MSNBC: Racist gets what he deserves!

FOX: What's next, thought crimes?

CNN: If you stare at your hand for a long time it will look weird

@Bagyants: It's convenient for my password security needs that my mother's maiden name is Waffles4%

@Bagyants: My gangster name would be The Street. If someone dared to oppose me I'd say ominous things like "Look both ways before you cross The Street"

@Bagyants: The term "Expecting a baby" implies uncertainty. Like we're almost sure it's a baby, but could also be a bushel of potatoes, who knows

@Bagyants: Power Rangers taught me that the way to solve a problem is to pose in front of it aggressively until it explodes

@Bagyants: "What a nut job" I exclaimed, on my first day as President of Almonds

@Bagyants: Student loans: because you should know what it's like to be one of the poor people you're always going on about

@Bagyants: I don't know, the friend zone sounds like a cool place with pizza and laser tag