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@BangMyBongo : Mary on Facebook says this generation is way to reliant on technology... She then sent me 7 Candy Crush invites

@BangMyBongo: Good cop: Just relax

Moody cop: OMG, you again? I hate you, but I kinda misssed you, why don't you call anymore? You're going to jail

@BangMyBongo: Some say Obama is the biggest liar of all time..
I say, the person who chose the spelling of, "Colonel" is the biggest liar of all time

@BangMyBongo: Asking your mom, "Will there be any pretty girls coming?"

Is a good way of getting out of going to your family reunion..

@BangMyBongo: You get a green perennial vegetable, you get a green perennial vegetable, EVERYBODY GETS GREEN PERENNIAL VEGETABLES!
- Okra

@BangMyBongo: Hell is where Sarah Palin is president, Taylor Swift is in love with me, and Kim Kardashian names all the children