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@BlackJerms : Rappers reintroduce themselves on their songs but you expect me to remember who you are because we met a couple of days ago? LOL

@BlackJerms: So what do you think?
New hair?

* 3 days later watching TV

OMG u rearranged the living room

- Men

@BlackJerms: At Twitter HQ

J: Users haven't complained in a while, what's going on?

Devs: Oh, we've got just the thing

*releases update

@BlackJerms: Me: So tired

Brain: IKR!! But wait, who organised the alphabet...

M: Please don't

B: N how do we know it's not actually disorganized?

@BlackJerms: I'm pretty sure Morgan Freeman was narrating while the universe was being created

@BlackJerms: I haven't really been as disappointed as I was when I realised that the movie 'Breakfast Club', actually had nothing to do with food