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@Carbosly : So I asked my husband to buy 6 potatoes.

@Carbosly: I work hard.
I play hard.
I do the groceries hard.
I cook hard.
I read hard.
I laugh hard.
I watch tv hard.

- Viagra addict

@Carbosly: Apparently, saying "make it a double" followed by an awkward wink doesn't work at the pharmacy.

@Carbosly: Being a hacker in the '80's was way easier.

*shakes vending machine until chocolate bars falls.

@Carbosly: "I'm scared of thunder and vacuums but this beehive full of killer bees looks delicious."

- Dogs

@Carbosly: A walk of shame is always sad. Don't make it worse by adding the sound of Flip flops to it.

@Carbosly: That moment when you hear a weird noise in the house and you're so lazy you think "Meh, whatever. I had a good run."

@Carbosly: I turned on my computer and it went "Word" and I was like "Yo".

@Carbosly: Gluten-free, low salt, no sugar all-natural whole grain bread?

The only thing "natural" about this product is the urge to get away from it.

@Carbosly: Dear movies,
We'll never be upset to the point of throwing expensive jewelry at the bottom of the ocean. Never.