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@CodyJP9412 : GUY SPIDER: (after sex) omg I can't wait to see my son GIRL SPIDER: *putting on bib* yeah, about that..

@CodyJP9412: I don't always make pterodactyl noises, but when I do it's usually because I'm walking through a crowded aisle in Walmart.

@CodyJP9412: LAWYER: Would you like to press charges?

CHARGES: Please don't touch me.

@CodyJP9412: COP: Do u know why I pulled u over?

ME: *looks at the penguin in my passenger seat* God damnit Ralph I told u to put ur seatbelt on.

@CodyJP9412: HER: What're you most afraid of?

ME: *thinking of how terrible it would be if my dog laid eggs that hatched into cats* Losing you, babe.

@CodyJP9412: [Petco]

INTERVIEWER: We're looking for a real cat person.

ME: *slowly pushes paperwork off desk*

INTERVIEWER: holy shit

@CodyJP9412: Whoever decided on spelling "biscuit" really needs to get their shuit together.

@CodyJP9412: [creating the armadillo]

GOD: I want a half turtle,
G: Half pig,
A: Okay, I'm on it-
G: Half anteater
A: ...Are u drunk
G: Very

@CodyJP9412: REPUBLICANS: I can't believe Trump won.

DEMOCRATS: I can't believe Hillary lost.

ME: I can't believe it's not butter!

@CodyJP9412: I think one of the toughest parts about growing up is realizing that you don't sweat blue if you drink blue Gatorade.