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@DevilryFun : My doctor said to have a reasonable meal for dinner, so I talked some sense into my pizza.

@DevilryFun: Before marriage: fantasizes spending life together.

After marriage: fantasizes spending life insurance alone.

@DevilryFun: Looking back, my financial health took a turn for the worse right after I broke my piggy bank.

@DevilryFun: You don't need a therapist when you have a strong support group around your barstool.

@DevilryFun: I'm an introvert, but my middle finger is an extrovert.

@DevilryFun: I'm so tired, I'm thinking of visiting my grandma just so I can take a swig outta her oxygen tank.

@DevilryFun: You can count on your dog to be the first responder when anything or anyone drops to the floor.

@DevilryFun: While I might feel unsure how to react, my middle finger is well versed in handling stupid people.

@DevilryFun: I needed a break from stupidity so I left work early.

@DevilryFun: Wish a poltergeist would move in so there'd be someone else to blame when I lose my shit.