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Page of DomesticGoddss's best tweets

@DomesticGoddss : I have been successfully sitting in chairs for over 40 years without falling off--a skill I apparently didn't pass on to my boys.

@DomesticGoddss: Who knew 20yrs after Debate class I'd apply those skills to present arguments to 7yo on why pasta shapes don't change the taste of pasta.

@DomesticGoddss: Doing United States puzzle with 7 when he tells me that "Alabama should be called Mr. Sippi since it's next to Mrs. Sippi."

@DomesticGoddss: Just showed my 4 yo niece that I can still do a cartwheel and now she is showing me where the ice packs are.

@DomesticGoddss: Me: What's the suite number on that address?
8: It just says "Hashtag 301."
Me: Before hashtags were born, those were called number signs.

@DomesticGoddss: Accidentally went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I'm the proud owner of aisle 7.