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@ElliotHetherton : ‘Lady Doritos’ sounds like something Guy Fieri would call his wife when he’s trying to be romantic

@ElliotHetherton: me: my pasta salad is cold

waiter: it’s meant to be

me: I think you’re cute too but let's get this pasta problem figured out first

@ElliotHetherton: [first date]

Her: I love big hearted people

Me {trying to impress her}: I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

@ElliotHetherton: [date]

Her: tell me something about yourself

Me: *remembers girls like tough guys* I killed a man

Her: ...

Me: *remembers girls also like sensitive guys* but I cried afterwards

@ElliotHetherton: Me: I got mugged today

Friend: you should tell the police


Sting: there is literally nothing I can do to help you

@ElliotHetherton: Doctor: Any food allergies?
Patient: Sometimes dairy products disagree with me
Carton of milk: That's not true

@ElliotHetherton: [family of snakes boards a plane and spot Samuel L. Jackson a few rows back]

Father snake: oh no not this again
Baby snake: *starts crying*

@ElliotHetherton: God [creating centipedes]: *falls asleep with elbow on the legs button*

@ElliotHetherton: [Funeral]

He died doing what he loved; throwing rocks at bears and saying "it's fine, they're way more scared of us than we are of them"