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@Ghetto_Trophy : Hope floats but corpses don't, so remember: bricks or 25 to life. Inspirational tweet.

@Ghetto_Trophy: Tequila, because sometimes you and your toilet need to hug it out.

@Ghetto_Trophy: Sleeping Beauty has a pretty good situation going on until Prince Charming came and screwed it up.

@Ghetto_Trophy: I will punch you in the face.

OK not really - but I will roll my eyes at you, hard.

@Ghetto_Trophy: Technically, setting someone on fire is burning calories.

@Ghetto_Trophy: I automatically write off anything Donald Trump says because someone with that much money has no excuse for that hair.

@Ghetto_Trophy: When I'm feeling inadequate, I remember that there are women who marry their prison pen pals, and then my own decisions don't seem so bad.

@Ghetto_Trophy: Imagine if people still used typewriters!

We'd have to sit in a giant circle and throw pieces of paper at each other.