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@Home_Halfway : GOD: [continuing to make humans] Make some of them think running is fun ANGEL: This is just sick, I can't watch this

@Home_Halfway: Johnny Depp looks like a homeless man who was given $5000 to spend at H&M

@Home_Halfway: ME: I'd like to be your quarterback

MANAGER: This is a Dominos

ME: The sign said "Hiring All Positions"

MANAGER: [pauses for a moment, then takes out a Jersey from his desk] Touché

@Home_Halfway: In high school I was voted class clown after I gave people red balloons and dragged them into the sewer.

@Home_Halfway: ME: I'm a moron and an idiot and no one likes me and I'm alone and I ruin everything in my life

RAP BATTLE OPPONENT: Dude I'm the one who's supposed to insult you

@Home_Halfway: GF: I wanna move in together
COP BF: *writes a ticket*
GF: What are you doing?
COP BF: This is for relationship speeding. Slow down, Brenda.

@Home_Halfway: WAITER: Do you know what you'd like?
DAD: A better car! Hahaha
WAITER: Sir, wait here
*brings out trophy*
you are our funniest customer ever

@Home_Halfway: The only difference between a roller coaster and a social event is that I scream less on the roller coaster

@Home_Halfway: ME: Are you sure you're my Uber driver

GIANT HAWK CARRYING ME AWAY: *various hawk noises*

@Home_Halfway: ME: Do you think if El Salvador stopped being a country, god would make a country called El Salvawindow

UBER DRIVER: This ride is free if you stop talking