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Page of House_Feminist's best tweets

@House_Feminist : sure we’re surviving 2019

but at what cost

@House_Feminist: I secretly hope that twitter keeps extending the character limit as a social experiment, slowly conditioning our attention spans until we’re able to read actual books again

@House_Feminist: barbecue implies the existence of a carolecue and possibly a debecue

@House_Feminist: Please quit telling me to “keep up the good work” the good work was an accident and impossible to replicate

@House_Feminist: Me (on a plane): oh dang my friends are going to flip when I send a pic of this airplane wing and the clouds

@House_Feminist: Me: this is my favorite place to do cartwheels but you have to watch out for the rocks
Date: those are headstones

@House_Feminist: overheard my 7yo telling a friend he speaks Italian but what the friend doesn’t know is to my son speaking Italian just means shouting “ITSA ME! MARIO!”

@House_Feminist: If science is so great how come they haven’t invented a way to compliment someone’s smell without sounding like a serial killer