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@IncrediblyRich : And so it begins...

@IncrediblyRich: Saw Helena Bonham Carter walking down Wardour Street earlier looking every inch the mystical vagabond. Was tempted to rub her head for luck.

@IncrediblyRich: Mufasa means King. So their parents literally named their sons King and Garbage. No wonder Scar wanted everyone dead.

@IncrediblyRich: If Bob The Builder's slogan is "Can he fix it?" then he's not really a builder is he? More of a repairman.

@IncrediblyRich: I'm wearing my big rolled up socks again today and I'm doing so with pride. So all you haters can get in a taxi and chip off.

@IncrediblyRich: I'm going to skip home tonight because sometimes life is seriously brilliant. *throws confetti*

@IncrediblyRich: All you people who chose "The Real" or "Official" before your Twitter handle really thought ahead of the game there. Well done, guys.