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@Izianikapani : Water towers were invented so angst ridden teenagers had something to climb in 80s movies.

@Izianikapani: Given that our animals have pockets I think we can agree that Australia is more evolved than the rest of the world.

@Izianikapani: Saw a video for vegan cauliflower icecream on fb and heard the four horsemen of the apocalypse thunder overhead.

@Izianikapani: Who told cauliflower it can be anything it wants?

@Izianikapani: Goldfish: did you remember to take out the garbage?
Elephant: [rolls eyes]
Goldfish: did you remember to take out the garbage?

@Izianikapani: In Australia we say tuna not tuna fish because tuna cow and tuna chicken are not readily available here.

@Izianikapani: Him:When do you get off?

Me: Usually once you go to sleep




Me: Oh you mean work? 6 o'clock Hun, see you then.

@Izianikapani: Food that tastes nothing like its name:
egg roll

@Izianikapani: "I refuse to be part of an apartheid system that reveres whiteness and segregates those of colour"

"Just do the damn laundry"

@Izianikapani: Please don't tell my kids they haven't got a pet chameleon.