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@Jamie1947 : [tv ad] Hey folks, this is Don Key! Come on down to Key's Automotive for.. uh- [camera still rolling] holy shit .. donkey. my name is donkey

@Jamie1947: In my youth, there was no "snapschapts".
If you liked a young lady, you'd draw a proper picture of your genitals and send it to her parents.

@Jamie1947: *talking into the phone, loudly enough
that I know those ladies can hear me*

@Jamie1947: a little too long, but basically a perfect tweet

@Jamie1947: Kanye on the beach, by the water, holding two large conch shells up to either ear.
"That's incredible", he says
"When did I record this?"

@Jamie1947: A video montage of all the times my foot, still wet from the shower, has clung to my underwear as I pull them on, and I've lost my balance.

@Jamie1947: You can call me a "simpleton" if you
But I ask you this.
What is that. What is simpleton, is that
like a good or bad thing, not sure

@Jamie1947: Give a dog a bone and he'll be like,
"Oh wow, I love these, thanks"

Teach a dog to bone and he'll be like, "dude, I got this"

@Jamie1947: Things I Suck At:
1. straws, ha ha jk lol
2. Parallel parking, no seriously, I'm really terrible at this
3. straws, haha same joke as before

@Jamie1947: Damn girl, are you my cable remote? Because you are weirdly designed and very confusing, and does this row of buttons even do anything?