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@Jarhead44 : I don't know anything about soccer, but I hope they win. Go Soccers!

@Jarhead44: Just watched a mosquito suck my blood then throw up.

@Jarhead44: Me: I heard it's 80 degrees already.

CW: My phone says 81.

Me: Ya know, someday I'm going to eat a hot dog right over your grave.

@Jarhead44: Good morning to everyone except people that eat while leaving you a voicemail.

@Jarhead44: I know a girl that can hide eggs where your kids will never find them.

@Jarhead44: If you ever wondered how long it takes for an over-heated microwave burrito to cool off, the answer is 37 days.

@Jarhead44: My dog sure acts tough for an animal whose natural habitat is on the couch under his blankie.

@Jarhead44: I don't know this guy, but it looks like opening day of zucchini season.

@Jarhead44: I've always wanted a monkey, so I bought one at auction today.

I've had him about an hour now.

Anyway..... Monkey for Sale.

@Jarhead44: If you're not following me and received this tweet, it's because someone is smarter than you.