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@JasonBerlin : Every man was once a man trapped in a woman's body.

@JasonBerlin: Man, these hotcakes are selling like themselves.

@JasonBerlin: Seems like ladies hate being asked how their Thanksgiving was, no matter how playfully I pat their stomachs.

@JasonBerlin: You're never gonna believe this, but I feel negatively about the day of the week when I have to stop relaxing and resume working.

@JasonBerlin: When something falls in your mouth by accident and you eat it, it's a snaccident.

@JasonBerlin: 1. Bang knee on table - curse life.
2. Check credit card balance.
3. Think back to sweet moment when you banged knee on table.

@JasonBerlin: You call it the Friend Zone. I call it Palcatraz.