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@KKBowls : I was riding a horse once and its leg broke, so I had to shoot it -- everyone on the carousel freaked out.

@KKBowls: [at my house after 1st date]

me: so, do you wanna have some sex?

her: well, I don't normally do this...but I think I'll pass

@KKBowls: Instead of politely knocking on the bathroom door, my kid attacks the door like a rookie DEA agent on his first raid

@KKBowls: Mini M&M's - for when you just can't finish an entire M&M

@KKBowls: I just saw a spider on the wall, I went to hit it -- it just fell and ran away. I was all, 'Oh my God, he knows what I look like.'

@KKBowls: "I dropped the ball"

- things you never wanna hear during a Vasectomy

@KKBowls: Me: damn, doc I'm losing my hair. What can you give me to keep it in?

Dr.: a plastic bag

@KKBowls: Marriage is supposed to be permanent. It's like a tattoo that yells at you

@KKBowls: Don't hand out condoms to high school students. Take away their deodorant and toothbrush. That'll cut down teen pregnancy

@KKBowls: My psychiatrist told me I need to love myself more. I was like, "damn doc I'm already up to 3 times a day"