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@LuvPug : One of my foster dogs chewed up my credit card and now my husband wants to keep him

@LuvPug: My husband and kids have started humming Darth Vader's Imperial March whenever I walk into the room and I've never felt more complete

@LuvPug: Every Independence Day I get a little bit disappointed when aliens don't try to take over the world.

@LuvPug: *puts 7 pairs of yoga pants on counter*

Cashier: planning on getting in shape I see
Me: god no, these are the only pants that fit me now

@LuvPug: *opening a bag of chips*

Librarian: Ma'am, you can't have food in the library

Me: It's my emotional support snack

@LuvPug: I'm only a vegetarian so people won't invite me anywhere

@LuvPug: It hurts when someone you love says mean things like, 'Mom, wake up' and 'Mom, you need to get out of bed and make breakfast'

@LuvPug: I love the new Weight Watchers program. You can eat anything you want as long as you never join

@LuvPug: I wore a training bra for years and these things still don't listen to a word I say

@LuvPug: As an adult I've caused the most trouble by pressing 'send'