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@MaraWilson : ME: I know a good amount of things CROSSWORD PUZZLES: lol

@MaraWilson: I get all snooty about Great British Bake Off contestants doing things wrong like two years ago I wasn't googling "what is shoe pastry"

@MaraWilson: How confused about the world are you right now, on a scale of 0 to "trying to figure out a friend's shower"

@MaraWilson: The girl who once told me "If I'm not married by the time I'm 30, kill me" got married recently at 29 and WHEW is that a load off my mind

@MaraWilson: ME: If we get nuked I hope my cats live. They can eat my corpse for sustenance. I'd be fine with that.
DAD: So you're still single

@MaraWilson: "Oh my god I LOVE this song" -Me, listening to a Favorite Songs playlist I made

@MaraWilson: I wish I had enough talent as a dancer to disappoint my family by becoming a dancer

@MaraWilson: FRIEND: Want to do Escape the Room?

ME: Dude like 90% of my life is me trying to figure out how to get out of places I don't want to be

@MaraWilson: Pretty sure "see less from" is to Facebook what "close door" is to an elevator

@MaraWilson: CURRENT MOOD: righteously angry, but there's a cat on my lap