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@NotARatsAss : I'm one smooth operator until I have to get onto an escalator. Then it's more like a baby giraffe finding its legs.

@NotARatsAss: My night was going great until a neighbor flew their drone over my property. So I grabbed my shotgun and yelled, "Pull!"

@NotARatsAss: My father could have the original copy of the Declaration of Independence on the counter, and still make a meatball sandwich over top of it.

@NotARatsAss: Want to spice things up? Look them right in the eyes and lick their fingers seductively.

My dentist didn't appreciate it, but yours might.

@NotARatsAss: Make sure to stand in the middle of group photos. It will be harder to crop you out later.

@NotARatsAss: My dog is so passive-aggressive. She let me sleep in late this morning, but then counter-surfed and stole my breakfast.

@NotARatsAss: * changes bedsheets, 14 socks fall out *


* apologizes to the dryer *

@NotARatsAss: Tried to make a video seductively licking the frosting from an Oreo, but got excited and ate the whole thing. Twenty times.

@NotARatsAss: "Do you need a ride?"

Me, to every jogger I pass in my car

@NotARatsAss: My dad will walk across the living room with a bowl of soup to the brim, shoelaces untied, because history has taught him nothing.