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@NotJPo : Wrong Hole! - a love story

@NotJPo: Listen up, single people. You can only sleep with so many people. Sooooo many people. So so so many.

@NotJPo: Pantibros before pantihose?

@NotJPo: "Baby, I'm gonna make you mine."

- sweet talker forcing someone to be a coal miner

@NotJPo: In my house there are 5 females, 9423 pony tail holders, 49 bottles of nail polish, 8 justin bieber posters & 1 very patient, worn down man.

@NotJPo: Sodomy? SodoYOU. JK, please sodomy.

@NotJPo: "Don't kid yourself." - birth control

@NotJPo: Your wife will always agree to let you go out and get drunk with your friends and as long as you're smart and don't go.

@NotJPo: I may be delusional, but at least every single person I've ever met is in love with me

@NotJPo: "No more Mr Nice Guy"

~ Mr Nice Guy's eulogy