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@OctopusCaveman : Friend: I heard you survived a heart attack Me: Yeah. I owe my life to the big man upstairs Fat Larry: *shouting from upstairs* You’re welcome

@OctopusCaveman: Cop: How much have you had to drink?

Me: 24 glasses of milk

Cop: Milk? Why were you driving so erratically?

Me: I was hoping I’d get pulled over so I could brag

@OctopusCaveman: Genie: You get 3 wishes

Me: I wish you were terrible at math

Genie: You only have 14 more wishes

@OctopusCaveman: Therapist: Your mother is so overprotective she is the cause of your issues connecting to women emotionally

Me: Well yo mama so stupid she tried to climb Mountain Dew

@OctopusCaveman: Me: Who is the most handsome man in the world?

Wife: Ewan McGreggor

Me: Thank you but you can only pick one

@OctopusCaveman: I have this awesome app that shows me what I would look like as a fat person. It’s called Camera.

@OctopusCaveman: If you serve a toddler pancakes, they’ll stay sticky until just after college.

@OctopusCaveman: My spirit animal is the opossum. They weren't meant to live in the suburbs but they sure figured it out.