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@PaperWash : "can I have 2 sausage & cheese biscuits" That'll be $2.60 "with egg" $7.78 NVM no egg $17.83 "What?" [at gun point] give us ur wallet

@PaperWash: Facebook: your old HS friend just sent you a friend request

me: cool!

Facebook: she's racist now

me: uhh

Facebook: everyone on here is

@PaperWash: teenage son: [mad at me] I WISH I WAS BATMAN [slams door]

me: ok lol


me: hey what the f-

@PaperWash: Mother's Day is just an another made up holiday so the government can sell you more mothers

@PaperWash: [1st date]

me: are you cold?

date: *shivering* a little

me: *putting second hoody on* that sucks

@PaperWash: Before I go out binge drinking I always eat a stick of butter. It doesn't do anything I just make really poor life choices.

@PaperWash: me: [placing 20 bags of pizza rolls onto counter]

cashier: getting ready for the big snow storm?

me: snow storm?

@PaperWash: vampire waiter: would you like to order?

customer: I'll have a steak

vampire waiter: [sweating nervously] what...wuddya need a stake for?

@PaperWash: [1st date]

date: said you had abs

me: [squints] everyone has abdominal muscles, Susan

@PaperWash: mom: I'm not your friend I'm your mother!

[20 years later]

mom: why won't you accept my friend request on FB? I'm your mother