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@RBColl : [spelling bee] Teacher: Your word is indictment. Me: Can you use that in a sentence? Teacher: Yes, I can use indictment in a sentence.

@RBColl: Seriously waiting for a four year old to make it to any of those 30 under 30 lists.

@RBColl: FDA should require Starbucks baristas/cashiers to be calorie counters.

"Here's change of 50 and that's 1,073 calories of your Venti Frap."

@RBColl: Have you ever looked at someone's phone's selfie wallpaper and look at the owner and look again at their selfie and back again to the owner?

@RBColl: I wonder why call them backup vocals. Was there ever a time the lead fainted and the backup took over the mic and the show went on as usual?