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@RealCarrotFacts : On predisents day we honor the big US man himself: Aberham Liclon. Tall, skinny, dry, and cruncy - he was america's carrot

@RealCarrotFacts: the average goat is 9 carrots tall if you measure goats in carrots

@RealCarrotFacts: Carrots cant float. But if you tie fishy wire to one and hang it in the air and look at it from far away, it almost look like its floating

@RealCarrotFacts: Have a headache? Eating a carrot can help if you take a Advil after it

@RealCarrotFacts: Putting a carrot next to you in bed can almost fill the space where Megan used to slep

@RealCarrotFacts: You can tuck a carrot into bed , but it won't know what you are doing because he's a carrot