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@ReelQuinn : "Yes, I'm here. I really need you to be more specific. I know a lot of Margarets." -- God

@ReelQuinn: NAZI: I’m a Nazi
MEDIA: How controversial
NAZI: I said I was a Nazi
MEDIA: Your clothes are beautifully tailored

@ReelQuinn: Just pushed my cat’s paperwork off his desk.

@ReelQuinn: “I’m caught in a love hexagon.” - polygamists

@ReelQuinn: Dingo: The dingo community is known for many other things
TV Host: What are cooking for us today?
Dingo: I’m making my famous baby coleslaw

@ReelQuinn: "Please don't do this." - my voice mail greeting

@ReelQuinn: I wear a ski mask to bed so if there's a home invasion the intruder will think I'm part of the team.