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@SadieSkyNinja : I'm sorry that your Facebook personality quiz matched you up with a rice cake.

@SadieSkyNinja: I'm always amazed at how eating 2lbs of chocolate can make you gain 47lbs.

@SadieSkyNinja: I've dated a guy who collected stained glass and wore bowling gloves so don't talk to me about standards.

@SadieSkyNinja: My Fitbit is just a wristband that says "keep walking".

@SadieSkyNinja: Nothing confuses me more than a straight up street thug with braces.

@SadieSkyNinja: My spirit animal is a cockroach because I refuse to give up and die.

Also I'm sorta crunchy.

@SadieSkyNinja: I love going to the gym this time of year because I'm a perfect example of what years of neglect and nachos can do to a body.

@SadieSkyNinja: "Wow, more ABBA. Shocking."

-anyone on road trips with me

@SadieSkyNinja: My favorite part about ordering a salad on the first date is going into the bathroom and eating 6 mini donuts.

@SadieSkyNinja: Indian Twitter is a lot like regular Twitter except everyone is misquoting Gandhi instead of Marilyn Monroe.