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@Scimommy : #ReplaceACelebWithAHouseHoldItem Nail Patrick Harris

@Scimommy: 90% of parenting older kids is making sure they're not in the same room when they have to do homework.

@Scimommy: #BadTimeTravelAdvice Plague, shmlague. 13th century Europe is where it's at!

@Scimommy: #MakeAFilmUncomfortable Four Wedgies and a Funeral

@Scimommy: Who needs to watch the #SOTU when I can just read my TL? Here's what I've learned so far: John Boehner is still orange.

@Scimommy: Overheard 10 plan her b-day party with her BFF, including renting several hotel rooms for a mega sleepover.

Somebody tell her, I can't.

@Scimommy: Tried to impress 9 by making up sentences containing 3 of her vocabulary words at once, so now she knows what "nerd" means.