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@ShesARealGenius : ME: Brad's here HUSBAND: Brad who needs space or Brad who's paranoid about being murdered? BRAD: OMG u 2 are smothering me ME: I've no idea

@ShesARealGenius: On your first day in prison, make sure you go up to the warden and compliment the d├ęcor.

@ShesARealGenius: Me: "I mean, how can Harry Potter be the best Quidditch Seeker when he's the only one with glasses?"
Librarian: "Just pay your fine, Ma'am."

@ShesARealGenius: [Snail Court]
Snail Lawyer: Permission to approach the bench, Your Honor?
Snail Judge: I'm sorry; we don't have that kind of time.

@ShesARealGenius: *Asteroid is hurtling toward Earth*

ESPN Broadcaster: This asteroid could have an enormous impact on the playoffs.

@ShesARealGenius: [FIRST DATE]
Me, opening mouth seductively: "And this is where I burned my tongue on pizza, and this is where I burned my tongue on fries, a

@ShesARealGenius: Sardine Wife: "What's wrong?"
Sardine Husband: "I just need some space, Linda."

@ShesARealGenius: [Me, watching my murderer wipe down everything as I'm dying]: "Oh, you don't have to do that, don't worry about it."

@ShesARealGenius: Lol how "take you out" could mean either we're going on a date or I'm gonna kill you.

@ShesARealGenius: "I hate when I can't think of the right word," she protesticulated.