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@Social_Mime : Oscillating fans are for people that want to be cool every 5-7 seconds.

@Social_Mime: Saying "You first" when the doctor told me to take off my shirt made the rest of the appointment awkward for him and I.

@Social_Mime: If somebody my age is out past 11 PM they just got off the second shift at work.

@Social_Mime: My wife pissed me off in my dream. When I woke up and told her about it she said it was probably something I started so I ended up apologizing and bought her flowers.

@Social_Mime: Middle of the night In bed:
*Loud noise*
Wife - Did you hear that?
Me -
Wife - I said did you hear that?
Me (under the bed) - Yes

@Social_Mime: You dance like nobody is watching. I eat like that.

@Social_Mime: In about five years when a kindergarten teacher is taking attendance and calls out Thanos at least eight boys will say "here."

@Social_Mime: Salad is being recalled. Do you know what's never been recalled? Oreos.