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@SuperApple80 : Everybody thinks they want to sleep with an older women until we ask you to sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table.

@SuperApple80: Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. Not everyone deserves air in their tires either.

@SuperApple80: “Did you just walk past my house, you piece of shit?”

- dogs

@SuperApple80: Legend states of the time Tom Hanks cropdusted a toddler at Target and whispered in his ear “it’s my word against yours, you little shit.”

@SuperApple80: No Botox for me, thanks. I just keep getting fatter to fill out the wrinkles.

@SuperApple80: yeah breakups hurt but have you ever tagged someone on a meme and they reply back “I already saw this”

@SuperApple80: Crazy how 15 years of math still wasn’t enough to prepare me for baking two boxes of brownies at once.

@SuperApple80: Hair dresser: So how do you normally style your hair at home?
Me: *just laughing until it hurts*

@SuperApple80: Keep me in your prayers. My daughter just found her old recorder.

@SuperApple80: Jesus Christ, you’re absolutely insane. Wanna be friends so I look like a better person?