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@The_Grant_Boldt : God: okay I need to create something to fill the dark empty void in the meaningless lives of unmotivated people [creates Twitter]

@The_Grant_Boldt: "Mom can you pick me up a new comforter at the store?"


*Mom returns with Morgan Freeman*

"I love you mom"

@The_Grant_Boldt: *at Starbucks*

"Ya I'll have the medium roast please"

*Barista insults him a lot but not too much*

@The_Grant_Boldt: Girlfriend: "babe it's hot I need a fan"

[Boyfriend starts taking pictures with her and BEGGING for autographs]

@The_Grant_Boldt: "Hi can I just have a single burger?"

I'm sorry, all of our burgers are in a relationship

"But that's not eve-

Please show some respect