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@WheelTod : Some people will put ketchup on anything: one time I found a first edition of Wuthering Heights in my dad's attic & I just couldn't resist.

@WheelTod: At a concert if the band asks "How's everyone feeling tonight" I'm like maybe we shouldn't have built our country on an Indian burial ground

@WheelTod: [Burping a baby]

Me: "I never should have eaten this baby."

@WheelTod: Funerals have gotten so expensive: at mom's, after paying for the bouncy house, clowns & pony rides, we couldn't afford a decent magic show.

@WheelTod: Shrimp: My mom's coming to visit
Starfish wife: Again?! The 3rd time this year?
S:She's lonely
Wife: Oh grow a spi...
S: Grow a what, Karen?

@WheelTod: Dating tip for ladies: some guys will be scared off if you don't wait until the third date before asking him to murder your husband.

@WheelTod: Now kids have it easy. When I was young, the hot singles in my area had to walk the streets yelling they wanted sex with me thru a megaphone

@WheelTod: [Therapy]
Me: What do you mean "boundary issues?"
Therapist (gently pushing me off his lap): Why don't you put some clothes on & we'll talk?

@WheelTod: I'm the outdoorsy type. I hate being chained to a desk all day, but management say they have no choice until I stop biting my coworkers.

@WheelTod: I tell my kids that thunder means God is shouting; rain means God is crying; and lightning means God is killing Luke Skywalker.