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@briangaar : FOUR STAGES OF LOSING MY KEYS 1. Can't find keys 2. Accuse everyone around me of taking my keys 3. Find keys 4. Apologize for key witchhunt

@briangaar: At this point, I'm pretty sure the main reason Donald Trump ran for president was to get more Twitter followers

@briangaar: [Captain America, minutes after the love of his life's funeral] Damn her niece is hot

@briangaar: *rises out of ball pit* thanks for agreeing to meet me here

@briangaar: Donald Trump is basically the villain in every anime so I assume he'll be defeated by a 13-year-old boy in short pants

@briangaar: Republicans: Don't let Syrians in!
Trump: Don't let ANY Muslims in!
Republicans: TOO FAR (dude be cool, we’ve got an election to win)

@briangaar: I always carry a pair of shades with me because you never know when you might see a dead body & say something cool

@briangaar: Happy 30th birthday Super Mario Bros. To celebrate, I'm going to eat mushrooms, punch a brick wall & set a turtle on fire.

@briangaar: Hey, did you ever get that job you talked about for weeks then abruptly stopped mentioning?