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@click4amanda : HR: Can you explain this?? Me: I thought it was CORNhub, with recipes on how to make delicious corn and corn related dishes

@click4amanda: Why do they write PIZZA all over the box???? what else could possibly be in there???

@click4amanda: My dad called to ask if sending an email to the USA costs more. I told him a LOT more, better not risk it

@click4amanda: War vets with prosthetic limbs are running marathons and I'm busy trying to lasso the tv remote with my phone charger cord.

@click4amanda: Him: Yah, I like my meat rare
Me: Rare? Like, unicorn you mean?
Him: ......
Me: Our mom's are friends, you have to finish the date

@click4amanda: Officer: "Do you know why I'm standing here?"
Me: "You got all C's in High School?"