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@corinnemlwsw : "there's nothing sexier than a chick that knows how to work on cars" Dudes, trying to get us to do that job too.

@corinnemlwsw: This fly in my car is going to be very disappointed when it ends up at Walmart.

@corinnemlwsw: I call my husband current...
He likes it better than number two.

@corinnemlwsw: The waitress asked if I was done with that, I said yes but I'm married to it.

@corinnemlwsw: I just had my tubes tied, and now I'm........inconceivable.

@corinnemlwsw: My coat is so covered with dog fur that someone's probably going to throw red paint on me at some point today.

@corinnemlwsw: Every time I visit my parents, I send the kids in first so they can signal me if it's an intervention.