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@deegeemindi : Apparently coming to the Easter egg hunt dressed like the playboy bunny was not appropriate.

@deegeemindi: My best quality: telling it like it is.

My worst quality: telling it like it is.

@deegeemindi: In my house "no" means keep doing it till mom loses her shit.

@deegeemindi: My mom told me not to hang out with bad girls, she never said don't be one.

@deegeemindi: My six year old lost a tooth. I left a note instead of money "too dirty." He has been brushing that one tooth all day. Lesson unlearned

@deegeemindi: If a recipe does not call for cheese, I'm gonna assume they forgot it and add an entire large bag. Well 3/4 of bag cause I ate some of it.

@deegeemindi: If someone got my name tattooed on them I'd break up with them to prove it was a bad idea.