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@dlockw21 : 12: Dad, why haven't we ever eaten at Applebee's? Me: Because I love you.

@dlockw21: I can tell she's pissed, the floors look amazing.

@dlockw21: Being a parent is great because you get to start conversations like:

Hey buddy, don't leave your tooth on the coffee table.

@dlockw21: Hotel clerk: Sir, how many room keys would you like?

Me: 37

@dlockw21: *First Date

Her: Why are we at Home Depot?

Me: I wanted to see what it's like to pick out bathroom tile with you. See if this is worth it.

@dlockw21: Cashier: Going snorkeling huh?

Me: Yeah. Should be fun.

Cashier: Watch out for sea snakes.

Me: Hi, I'd like to return these.

@dlockw21: I definitely thought I would have shot the lock off of something by now in my life.

@dlockw21: Therapist: Talk about your friends.

Me: Now John at the bar is a friend of mine...

T: That's a Billy Joel song.

Me: You're no fun.

@dlockw21: IT: You deleted the OS?

Me: I think so.

IT: It didn't warn you?

Me: Yeah, but it only kinda warned me. What's with the inquisition bro?

@dlockw21: Currently on minute 137 of Easy~Bake Oven cupcakes. I'll be live Tweeting their status as they crisp up over the next day or two.