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@doktorj : Me: Good night Moon Moon: Me, climbing out of lunar module two weeks later: Did you get my text?!

@doktorj: *lies down on waxing table

Aesthetician(on phone): Cancel all my appts, check the moon phase and bring me a gun loaded with silver bullets.

@doktorj: Teach a man to fish and you'll have a lot more precious time to yourself in a quiet house with no one wanting something every 15 minutes.

@doktorj: "Vintage designer purses are not a retirement plan," says my accountant while rubbing his temples.

@doktorj: Me: *pooping with the door open*

Olive Garden Mgr: "I know what the slogan says ma'am, we aren't THAT kind of family."

@doktorj: Enhanced interrogation idea:

If waterboarding isn't working, try having my mother brush their hair.

@doktorj: *brings whipped cream to bed*

Husband: Ohh, are we trying something new?

Me: Will you hold this pumpkin pie while I get comfortable?

@doktorj: As an only child with a pet cat that bullied me, the pool cleaning robot was my closest friend.

@doktorj: Damn boy, are you the black jelly bean?

Because I absentmindedly picked you, and now I regret having you in my mouth.

@doktorj: Ziiipppp, zip, zip, zip, ziiiipppp!

*Me, dramatically ending a marital spat during a camping trip