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@eddiesteadyno : BOB THE BUILDER: Can we fi- MACGYVER: Done.

@eddiesteadyno: at library

ME: This book wasn't helpful at all!

LIBRARIAN: Why? What's the problem?

BIRD: [mockingly] "Why? What's the problem?"

@eddiesteadyno: Thank you for clarifying that you'd bite me with your teeth, my mind was running wild with all the possible things you could bite me with.

@eddiesteadyno: Me: I think you might have schizophrenia
Me: No I don't

@eddiesteadyno: [Mon]
Boss: Let's talk about your clothes
Adam: But it's my best leaf
B: You need officewear
A: Understood

B: Is that a sticky note?

@eddiesteadyno: A fondue party... But instead of bread, it's more cheese. And instead of people, it's even more cheese.

@eddiesteadyno: I wasn't dropped as a baby, but I've been making up for it ever since.

@eddiesteadyno: Making reservations for one at a fancy restaurant because every now and then, I like to be wined and dined before I take advantage of myself

@eddiesteadyno: The plan was to keep eating these alcoholic chocolates until I was either drunk or diabetic. I didn't bargain on "bankrupt" being an option.