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@flashember : [my first day as an art teacher] "before u start drawing let your eyes linger over the subject" (it's a dead bullfrog dressed as a cowboy)

@flashember: ME: goodnight honey
WIFE: goodnight
BOTH OF US (in unison): goodnight evil bullfrog
*happy ribbit ribbit*

@flashember: *wakes up in a forest grove surrounded by deer*
ME:[nervous] are u the good deer or the evil deer?
(i see one deer holding up a classic copy of Bambi on VHS)
ME:[sigh of relief]
*deer breaks VHS in half*
ME:*gasps* oh no

@flashember: DAUGHTER: Mom asked me to check on you and the eggnog making

ME [wrestling a screaming chicken into a blender full of milk]: GRAB ITS LEGS

@flashember: [zebra in prison] well this is ironic
PRISON GUARD: no it isn't
ZEBRA: ok but I do look kinda funny in here
PG: dude, you murdered 3 people

@flashember: COP: someone's been cutting everyone's christmas lights but not yours
ME: i have no idea why a crustacean- i mean person would do that
[my pet lobster Susan slowly puts her big pincer behind her back]

@flashember: [my daughter asks for her 2nd apple of the day] oh look it's the apple monster *fun growl sounds*

DAUGHTER: daddy does God ever go hunting

@flashember: [young Santa Claus's dating profile] looking for a girl who loves snow, living in perpetual darkness and cooking for thousands of elf slaves

@flashember: TRANSLATORS: we're done, sire. 7 years. Every last word painstakingly translated into English.

KING JAMES I: call it the King James Bible

@flashember: GHOST (rattling cupboards): OOo oooOooOoo

*family screams*

SECOND GHOST (screwing and unscrewing a lightbulb): what the hell are we doing Frank. they're good people