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@gingerfaced : [peels off pepperoni] she loves me [peels off pepperoni] she loves me not

@gingerfaced: [arrives in heaven]

how'd you die?

me: i was sitting in a beanbag chair and my house caught on fire

@gingerfaced: I wish snacks could talk so they could verify my whereabouts from 1 am to 3 am this morning.

@gingerfaced: if you want a woman to settle down with you be a cat

@gingerfaced: "Let me be clear" the sliding glass door said as I face planted it.

@gingerfaced: Nobody gracefully gets out of a beanbag chair.

@gingerfaced: I'm obsessed with you. Not like peak through your window obsesseHEY I LIKE THAT DRESS WEAR THAT ONE

@gingerfaced: Did you ever think about ten years ago you'd be saying.. "I really hope this is a chick I'm talking to".

@gingerfaced: Thanks to Twitter, rock bottom now has a waiting list.

@gingerfaced: "Are you okay?"

Me anytime I meet someone named Annie.